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America stands at a crossroads. It is critical that the American people awaken to the socialism creeping over our nation. The 1st and 2nd Amendments are under attack from every quarter. The 4th Amendmen is a thing of the past. Awake and arise.


With God, There is No America

God has been removed from the national conversation and society is showing the effects of it. We must put Him back in the forefront of the American consciousness if we hope to save this nation we love so much.



Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. History is rife with despots who have murdered their people at will. America does not have to go down this path, history proves it is the wrong one.

Freedom Library

In Books You Will Find Knowledge

Books. What more can I say. In books you find knowledge, history and in these books you will also find the truth. History is written by the winners, but while Bill Clinton was president they rewrote America's history.

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

  • Videos of Note

    We live in a an extremely visual society. Often, whatever the message may be, it is conveyed more clearly in video format. Videos on a variety of subjects will be posted here: politics, religion, as well as movie and book trailers. It all comes down to the world have a short attention span and being equally visual. So this page will be dedicated to videos that Candace finds of interest.

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  • MEMEs are Social Media

    It didn't take long for Candace Salima to begin creating MEMEs of her own. Each one represents a powerful message, value or principle she feels is critical to the salvation of the human spirit and America. Each quote impacted Candace greatly and she decided to start sharing them on her website.

    So enjoy and share them wherever you desire.

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  • Scott Smith Photography

    Candace is very particular about who she trusts in regard to photography. Scott Smith specializes in location photography, journalistic photography, as well as formal sittings, and we'll be posting his photography quite regularly. You will be able to click and purchase a print, if you desire.

    His work is remarkable.

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